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The 3 Best Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated

As managers, part of our role is to help our people remain motivated and productive so here are some thoughts from us:-


Well they do say it is the spice of life and a mundane working day can affect productivity levels so you may want to think about how you introduce some variety into what the team is doing. This could be about the way you run your team meetings or even where you hold them. It could also be about making sure people have an opportunity to learn something new, rotate through task allocation or talk about how they feel things could be done differently.

Goals and Targets

It is important that people understand what they are tasked with achieving in terms of outputs and also how what they do on a daily basis fits into the bigger picture. How clear are the people in your team? Are the goals individual or are there team based goals too? What could you do to improve commitment to getting the job done?

Celebrate Success

In any work environment the work is never “done” it is always an ongoing journey. As one goal is completed another takes its place. It is really

important to stop and recognise what has been achieved so far – sometimes when we look back at what we have done it can re-energise us to continue on that journey – what successes have your team had recently and how have they been celebrated?

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