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Change Happens! or Why your business should have an “Adaptive Culture”

Organisational culture is one of the critical success factors in helping organisations achieve their strategic priorities. By organisational culture, we mean “The way we do things around here”. So it is about our behaviours, the language we use – do we talk about our organisation in positive or negative terms?

Organisations with an Adaptive Culture are often most successful – particularly in these times of constant change. These organisations constantly look at what is happening in the market, in the economy, in terms of the customer and in terms of what their competitors are doing.

There is a focus on How can we do things better?, What can we improve?, Are our ways of working the most effective? Organisations with Adaptive cultures constantly consider the end users and what they require, the main stakeholders and their needs and they work to ensure employees remain engaged and connected to the organisational vision.

Part of having a management role in any organisation is to be aware of the changes that are taking place, be able to embrace it ourselves and inspire our people to embrace change too – in this way we are supporting and developing an adaptive culture which helps our organisation move from vision to results.

So when you think about your organisation and your team you may want to ask yourself….

  • How adaptive is my team?

  • How far do we anticipate and plan for change?

  • How aligned are we with our organisational vision?

The question then becomes “How can I help my team and my organisation develop a more adaptive culture?”

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