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4 Ways to Drive Development In Your Business & Why It’s Important

As we reflect on the current environment many of us recognise that we may be navigating the stormy waters of change for some time to come.

Whilst effort is often invested in reviewing strategy and structure, redefining job dimensions or launching behavioural competency frameworks we can forget that often the most critical factor is the ability of those involved to drive the necessary changes.

For businesses where learning is “in vogue” and at the forefront of strategy, competitive advantage is often noticeably increased. So what can you do to drive development in your organisation?

1. Harness New Thinking

Find out about what’s new on the horizon in terms of current thinking and emerging trends. Provide individuals with a safe space to experiment with differing approaches. Use this to build confidence and competence.

2. Care about People

Develop an open, honest and supportive culture. The secret is to help individuals understand their contribution to the wider organisation and make sure we value each other on a daily basis.

3. Respond Positively to Mistakes

In an environment where people are asked to stretch themselves, mistakes will occur. Our response to mistakes directly determines people’s willingness to stretch themselves in the future. Remember – fix the problem, not the blame!

4. Promote Learning

It is difficult to achieve high levels of performance without investing in development. You would not get on an aircraft that did not have regular maintenance checks so let’s not expect our people to consistently deliver without regular development opportunities.

Finally, remember, it is never about what happens – it is always about how we respond.

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