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From Austerity to Prosperity

Why leadership is vital to business success

As we reflect on recent announcements, those of us in business recognise that we may be navigating the stormy waters of change for some time to come and one can be forgiven for becoming a little despondent.

As a business leader, this is not an option because the way we respond will be a critical factor in determining the long term success of our business.

Organisational leadership begins with personal leadership and this is important to develop weather your organisation employs 2 people, 22 people or 22,000 people.

By leadership I mean the courage to take effective decisions, the ability to build confidence in those around you, the motivation to remain true to your vision and the desire to develop innovative and imaginative solutions to the week’s challenges. You don’t have to be on the Board to demonstrate leadership, each one of us can demonstrate personal leadership no matter what our role. So here are 3 simple tips to get you thinking about what you can do to ensure you are a positive leader of change as we approach 2014.

Set an example – Standards apply to us too. If you want to influence others it is important to also ‘walk your talk’. People will take their lead from what you say and do on a daily basis.

Respond positively to mistakes – In an environment where people are asked to stretch themselves and make changes, mistakes can occur.

Your response to mistakes directly determines people’s willingness to stretch themselves in the future. Remember – fix the problem, not the blame.

Success breeds success – People do best when they feel good about themselves. Ensure people remain accountable and celebrate success when results are achieved. All too often this step is forgotten as we move from one target to the next without providing the recognition for what has already been achieved.

Finally, remember it is never about what happens – it is always about how you respond……

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